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How to play Vinyl Records - Doom Eternal

Learn how to take a walk through the past by listening to Vinyl Records in Doom Eternal.


There are quite a number of collectible items and secrets scattered throughout the demon-filled levels of Doom Eternal. Perhaps one of the best collectibles, though, are the Vinyl Records. Once found, these items will appear as framed pieces in the Fortress of Doom. While these items make great for decorating the Fortress, they also have another use. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to play Vinyl Records, allowing you to relive past memories of games that have come before.

How to play Vinyl Records - Doom Eternal

To say that Doom Eternal is riddled with Easter eggs would be an understatement. From small nods to past games, to the return to iconic demons from Doom 2, the latest entry in the beloved series is ripe with collectible goodies like Vinyl Records, which actually contain some great artwork and even copies of the songs that they each represent.

How to play vinyl records - doom eternal
You can inspect Vinyl Records and listen to them in Doom Eternal.

If you want to actually use your Vinyl Records, then you can make your way to the Fortress of Doom after you’ve picked up one of the collectible items. Make your way through the fortress until you find one of the record frames, and then approach it. You should see a prompt appear on your screen.

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If you press the prompted button, the game will zoom in on the artwork, allowing you to get a better look at it. Once this happens, you can also go ahead and press another button (which you should see in the bottom left-hand corner) to start playing the song. Once you’ve started a song, you can back out of the image and walk around the Fortress of Doom, all while taking a trip through the past with music from games like Quake and even older Doom titles.

Now that you know how to play Vinyl Records, make sure you also check out the rest of our content in our Doom Eternal strategy guide. We’ve got plenty of great articles and guides set to release over the coming days, so make sure you check back often.

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