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How to use cheat codes - Doom Eternal

Everything you need to know to start using all those cheat codes you've unlocked in Doom Eternal.


While you have plenty of collectible items like Toys and Vinyl Records, Doom Eternal’s secrets also include floppy disks with cheat codes installed on them. You can then activate these cheat codes to make use of things like Infinite Extra Lives and All Runes Unlocked. If you want to make the most of these cheats, then you’re going to need to know how to activate them. This guide will break down all the info you need to start using cheat codes in Doom Eternal.

How to use cheat codes - Doom Eternal

If you’re a completionist, trying to unlock all of the collectible items hidden throughout Doom Eternal, then having access to cheats like Infinite Extra Lives can come in handy. While the use of Slayer Gates will be locked when any cheat codes are activated, other collectible goodies are more than fair game.

How to use cheat codes - Doom Eternal
Cheat codes can only be activated from the Mission Select screen.

Unfortunately, you can only use cheat codes from the Mission Select screen in the Fortress of Doom, or from the main menu. This means you’ll need to select the mission that you want to take part in, and then look for the cheat codes option at the very bottom left of the screen – near the bottom of the mission list. There’s also a hotkey bound to the cheat menu, which should appear by the option on your screen. PC players will be able to open up the cheats menu by pressing R on their keyboard.

Make sure you know how to do Glory Kills and take down enemies in style.

Once you’ve opened up the cheat code screen, find the codes that you want to make use of. If you prefer to activate them all at once, you can also select the floppy disk in the top left-hand corner of the screen. This will activate all the cheat codes that you have unlocked so far. You can tell if a cheat code has been activated by looking at the bottom right-hand corner of each code’s icon. If the triangle in the bottom corner is lit up, the cheat is activated. If it isn’t lit up, then the cheat is not active at the moment.

Now that you know how to use cheat codes, you can get back in the game and start ripping and tearing your way through the demon hordes. Make sure you also return to our Doom Eternal strategy guide, where we’ve put together a load of content to assist you on your mission.

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