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Baldo brings exclusive action-adventure to Nintendo Switch this summer 2020

Naps Team and Nintendo are bringing whimsical and colorful action-adventure Baldo to the Nintendo Switch as a timed exclusive this coming summer.


On the Nintendo Direct Indie World presentation, we got to see a new upcoming action adventure game from NAPS Team and Nintendo. Baldo is a colorful journey coming to Nintendo Switch as a timed exclusive this Summer 2020.

Baldo was presented on the March 17 Nintendo Direct Indie World presentation, which showcased a rapid fire stream of new indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch throughout 2020 and beyond. Baldo comes from Italian developer NAPS Team, responsible for games like the Gekido franchise, The Knight and The Dragon, and much more. Baldo looks to be an incredibly fun and lighthearted adventure game in the style of games like The Legend of Zelda or Tunic, but it has a certain anime flair about it that reminds us of a Studio Ghibli aesthetic. As a young adventurer, you’ll face challenges in a world of fantastic creatures both small and enormous. You can check out the full trailer for Baldo just below.

This Nintendo Direct Indie World presentation had a lot of cool things going, including a major reveal of Swery and White Owl’s The Good Life and new title The Last Campfire from No Man’s Sky creator Hello Games. Plenty of great creativity was on display, but Baldo looks like it’s going to scratch a very particular adventurer’s itch when it comes out. The game looks beautiful and whether you’re looking at humans or creatures, every being in the game looks very expressive. Of course it looks like we’re in for a healthy dose of exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving along the way as well.

Baldo is set to come exclusively to the Nintendo Switch this Summer 2020, so stay tuned for further news and information as we await a more concrete release date for the 2020 gaming calendar. Be sure to check out all of the other Nintendo Indie World reveals as well and see what other great indie titles are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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