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How to perform a Ki Pulse - Nioh 2

Discover the secret to performing a perfect Ki Pulse to recover your stamina in Nioh 2.


A Ki Pulse in Nioh 2 is one of the most important moves to master. When performed correctly, the Ki Pulse can regenerate a huge chunk of your stamina (Ki), which allows you to keep fighting. On top of this, it has some vital applications when fighting yokai and dealing with their Yokai Realms and Dark Realms.

How to perform a Ki Pulse

The Ki Pulse is tied directly to the R1 button on the PlayStation 4 controller. While this button is also responsible for shifting between High, Mid, and Low stances, one of its most important functions is to perform a Ki Pulse.

Nioh 2 Ki Pulse
Pressing R1 at the correct time will perform a Ki Pulse, regenerating your Ki (stamina). Done correctly, you will see a ghosting effect.

As for actually pulling off one of these moves, it must be done shortly after finishing an attack or combo. As you finish an attack, you will see blue light swirling around your character. When this blue light hits your character, press R1 to do the Ki Pulse. If done perfectly, you will see a brief, shadowy impression of your character and a big chunk of your Ki will be restored.

Doing a Ki Pulse too soon will still result in you getting some stamina back, but you won’t get as much as a perfect execution. This means you’ll have less stamina for your next move, be it an attack, block, or dodge.

Ki Pulse effect on Yokai Realms & Dark Realms

Aside from regenerating your stamina, Ki Pulses have another important combat factor: dealing with the two different types of realms created by yokai.

Nioh 2 Ki Pulse Dark Realm
The Dark Realm inhibits your ability to regenerate Ki, making it critical to perfect the Ki Pulse.

Nioh 2 has Yokai Realms and Dark Realms, both of these severely inhibit your Ki regeneration. All yokai can create a Yokai Realm. This is a little black puddle on the ground that slows your stamina when standing in it. If you perform a Ki Pulse in or near this pool, it will dissipate.

Dark Realms, on the other hand, can only be performed by a boss yokai or are found throughout missions infecting the area. When in a Dark Realm, the color will drain from your vision and your stamina will take a long time to regenerate. Performing a Ki Pulse will not clear the Dark Realm, but it will help you keep fighting even with the slow Ki recovery. Be aware that Yokai Realms can be summoned in Dark Realms, making your Ki regeneration even slower.

In order to dispel a Dark Realm, you must either break the boss’ Ki bar or defeat the major yokai in the area. When the Dark Realm ends, your Ki will regenerate as normal. This is really important, especially in the Mezuki and Enenra boss fights, where players might still be learning the ropes.

Now that you know how to perform a Ki Pulse in Nioh 2, and how it affects Yokai Realms and Dark Realms, you can get back to saving Japan from the demons. Take a look at our Nioh 2 page for even more tips on becoming the ultimate samurai.

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