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How to exit a mission - Nioh 2

Exit a mission in Nioh 2 and live to fight another day!


Sometimes, a mission in Nioh 2 can be a bit too difficult. Whenever this happens, it’s important to know how to exit a mission, as there’s nothing worse than grinding your face into a problem when there’s another avenue to investigate. Thankfully, there’s a simple way to leave an area and select another.

How to exit a mission

In order to exit a mission in Nioh 2, simply open the menu by pressing the touch pad, navigate to the Items menu, and use the Divine Branch Fragment. This reusable item will consume all of your Amrita and return you to the mission select screen.

Nioh 2 exit a mission
Use the Divine Branch Fragment to exit a mission in Nioh 2.

Because the Divine Branch Fragment does consume all of your precious currency, it’s a good idea to stop by a shrine and spend as much as you can. If you are just shy of leveling up, consider farming a bit more to be able reach a new level, better that than losing what you’ve earned.

Unfortunately, if you’re in the middle retrying a boss fight, your Amrita is going to be in the room. Depending on how much you have, it could be worth just grinding it out and going for the kill. Each attempt will net you a little more Amrita. This is certainly the case during the Enenra boss fight – every attempt will result in a few more Amrita being added to your total. However, if you’re drastically underpowered, definitely exit the mission and regroup.

You can use the Divine Branch Fragment as many times as you want to exit as many missions as you want. The only downside is obviously the loss of Amrita. But what you lose in Amrita is likely made up for in the sanity you save from revisiting the fight later.

Now that you know how to exit a mission in Nioh 2, you can focus on learning some of the other important mechanics in the game. Take a look at the Nioh 2 page for even more helpful guides and tips.

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