Devolver Digital Direct livestream still planned following E3 2020 cancellation

Devolver Digital may no longer have the opportunity to host an E3 2020 press conference, but there may be a special livestream presentation in the works.


With E3 2020 having gone the way of the dinosaur thanks to concerns over the coronavirus outbreak, developers who would otherwise have had a presence at the show are looking to employ other methods to share information with consumers and the media.

Devolver Digital is one such company, as it has announced that it's planning on bringing a livestream Devolver Digital conference in the future, and maybe additional events beyond that.

"The week of E3 has always been a big part of what we do and are genuinely bummed about the cancelation of the event itself," Devolver tweeted following the official announcement of E3's cancellation.

"Lots to juggle but right now we plan on having a livestream Devolver Direct / press conference and possibly more." It's too early of course to begin speculating what the company may have planned, but at least something is in the works to keep us excited. 

Originally, it was Devolver Digital who joined in on the chorus of pre-E3 cancellation tweets and reports as the company's official Twitter account urged others to "Cancel your E3 flights and hotels, y'all."

Devolver hasn't yet divulged what kind of stream it would opt for in the future for its E3 replacement, but knowing its actions in the past, we'll likely be in for some hilarity and scripted comedy. We definitely could use some during these trying times when there's anxiety just around going outside. 

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