Robinhood server status - Is the app down?

Trying to trade stocks on Robinhood but can't get the app to load? Here's what you need to know to check the Robinhood server status.


Robinhood is a handy stock trading application that many users log into and use on a daily basis. You can easily add money to your profile and pick and trade through various stock options. Like most online services, though, Robinhood is sure to have some hiccups, and many users have found themselves struggling to connect a few times throughout the past week. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide on how to check the Robinhood server status to see if the app is down.

Robinhood server status – Is the app down?

Trading stocks is very much a business built for the present. If you want to make the best deals, then you need to stay on top of things and always be ready to sell your shares should the need arise. Applications like Robinhood can help make this process simpler, however, they come with some caveats.

Unfortunately, like any online service, Robinhood does experience outages – and recently those outages have left shareholders unable to trade during crucial moments in the market’s changes. If you’re having trouble logging into Robinhood, then you can always check the application’s current server status by heading over to the official status page.

Robinhood server status
You can check the status of all Robinhood's services on the status page.

This page breaks down all of the applications core functions from apps to trading, and even to market data, order status, bank linking, and more. As you can see in the image we’ve included here for reference, the status page breaks all the info down in an easy to understand format that pinpoints exactly what systems are currently having issues. At the time of this writing, everything is working as intended, which is notated by the bright green strip at the top of the page.

Keeping track of the Robinhood server status is always a good idea, especially during crucial trading times. For more help with stocks, make sure you check out our stock market hub, where our resident expert, Asif Khan, often breaks down important market information.

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