What time does the Valve Index VR HMD restock?

Valve's VR headset is set to restock today, but exactly what time does the Valve Index VR HMD restock? Here's what you need to know.


The Valve Index has been one of the most wanted VR headsets since its release back in 2019. Unfortunately, due to various manufacturing concerns – including the coronavirus most recently –production of the Valve Index has been rather slow. Thankfully, the VR HMD is set to receive some new stock today. In this guide we’ll tell you exactly what time the Valve Index VR HMD will restock, so you can be prepared to buy one before they run out of stock again.

What time does the Valve Index VR HMD restock?

If you’re looking to get your hands on the Valve Index before it runs out of stock again, then you’ll want to log in to Steam and purchase the device at 1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT today, March 9. We know that the Index has run into some production issues – most recently falling prey to the coronavirus outbreak. Because of these issues, there isn’t any real idea how many units Steam will have in stock before the Valve Index sales out again.

When will the Valve Index restock?
The Valve Index will restock on March 9, 2020.

Those planning to pick up the Index will need to strike fast. The VR headset comes in several available kits and will include a copy of Half-Life: Alyx in each purchase option. We’ve listed out the available VR kits below so you can plan ahead.

  • Valve Index VR Kit ($999.00) – Includes Valve Index controllers, the headset, the base stations, and Half-Life: Alyx.
  • Valve Index Headset + Controllers ($749.00) – includes the headset, controllers, and Half-Life: Alyx.
  • Valve Index Headset ($499.00)– includes the headset and Half-Life: Alyx.
  • Valve index Controllers ($279.00) – Includes two Valve Index controllers and Half-Life: Alyx.
  • Valve Index Base Station ($149.00) – includes one base station.

As you can see, there are a few different options available. Of course, the lower variations like the controllers, headset, and base station will require other items to actually work. Thankfully, you can mix and match the controls with the Vive, Vive Pro, or the Valve Index, making it easy to upgrade your previous VR kit.

Make sure you log on Steam and pick up your Valve Index while it is still in stock. There’s no telling how quickly the Index will run out again, so strike while you can.

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