Is Nioh 2 coming to Nintendo Switch?

It may seem obvious to some, but plenty of people are wondering if Nioh 2 is headed to the Nintendo Switch?


With Nioh 2 just around the corner players are starting to wonder if this soulslike like game from Team Ninja will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch. With this guide, we’ll do our best to sort that our for you, but you may not like the answer.

Is Nioh 2 coming to Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, there is no information to indicate that Nioh 2 will be headed to the Nintendo Switch. If you’re an optimist, no information isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but in this case it’s safe to assume that Nioh 2 won’t be hitting the Nintendo Switch anytime soon, if ever. This Team Ninja title is being published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and is currently a PlayStation 4 exclusive. If you’re familiar with Sony and their exclusives, you’ll know that they don’t typically share with other platforms.

If you’re a big souls-like fan and can’t wait to play Nioh 2, you’re on the hook to grab a PS4, at least for the time being. Your other option would be to either pick up another souls-like game to scratch that itch or return to one if you’ve already played them all. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a recent and obvious option but, again, souls-like fans have probably already been down that road.

Nioh 2 Nintendo Switch

Even though Nioh 2 won’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch, lots of games will, and we’ve got a giant list of titles barreling towards their launch in our 2020 video game release dates calendar. Give that a look if you’d like to see what your gaming options are in the coming weeks and months.

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