Valorant Phoenix gameplay video shows off fiery British agent

Check out gameplay featuring one of Valorant's agents, Phoenix, who has the power of fire at his disposal in the clip.


Riot Games' upcoming Valorant features a selection of different "Agents" players will be able to choose between when the game debuts.

One of the first Valorant characters shown off happens to be the British agent Phoenix. Riot released a very short video showing off some of his abilities, all of which include the manipulation of fire in some way. He can summon a fireball, for example, simply by snapping his fingers.

The gameplay video doesn't go in-depth into what each ability does, but it does give us a look at what we can expect from Phoenix in terms of seeing him in action. 

It looks like his eventual repertoire of fire-based moves will be a formidable set. It looks like he'll even have a wall of fire that you can't see through, which should be useful for cutting other enemies off.

Valorant is a hero shooter, as you may very well already have surmised, but it works a bit differently than what you may be used to, such as games like Overwatch and its ilk. Each hero has access to a variety of moves that you have to purchase at the beginning of a round instead of using a set of abilities that are permanently part of a hero's load out.

That alone makes Valorant seem like an intriguing title, but we'll have to wait and see. The most recent Valorant gameplay event was canceled due to concerns over Coronavirus, so it may be a bit before we get additional glimpses of how the game will play out. 

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