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Raise your own Tomogunchi on the blood of others in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

All you have to do is up your kill count to raise your own little Tomogunchi through adulthood. It's really that simple.


If you're a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fan, you'll definitely want to sit up and pay attention to the latest addition to the game. It's seriously one of the silliest (but probably one of the coolest) additions to the game, and one of the most nostalgic.

It's called the Tomogunchi, and it's a riff on the Tamagotchi from Bandai. You get a wristwatch with a special virtual pet that hatches out of an egg. You can choose from a dragon, panda, cat, or other type of animal and begin raising it and feeding it, making sure it doesn't die or grow to hate you because of your neglect. If you take good care of it, it will even evolve.

Here's the catch, though. You have to buy a digital item for your character in Call of Duty to actually use it. So while you're running around stabbing people and shooting the in the face, you also have to make sure your virtual pet is satisfied by using the D-pad in the heat of battle to check on it.

And how do you feed it? You kill people, of course. How else would you do it? You pay for the cosmetic and then pull off killstreaks, wins, and even score with some objectives to cheer up your little friend.

The cute little watch (with a slightly sinister air) is available now, and you can purchase it to outfit your character. We have to admit we're definitely intrigued. Are you ready to take care of a virtual creature by way of your in-game watch? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. We're just dying (or maybe everyone else is?) to watch this little cutie grow up.

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