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ShackStream: The quest to find Doomguy friends concludes

Our quest to find Doomguy new friends is finally coming to a conclusion.


Over the past few weeks I have been trying to accomplish one thing: to find Doomguy some new friends. I mean, think about it. Life is pretty hard for Doomguy. He was imprisoned in hell for years and now all he has left in life is his goal to annihilate every creature in hell. A solid goal, mind you, but Doomguy could really use some R&R after all that hard work.

Sadly, the quest to find Doomguy some new friends will be coming to an end today. We’ve only got a couple of chapters left before the end of Doom 2016, and I’m excited to take on the big baddies and bring hell crumbling back down to its knees. I hope you’ll join me for the big finale over on the Shacknews Twitch channel, where you can chat, make fun of my mistakes, and even cheer me on if you feel so inclined to do so.

With Doom Eternal just a few short weeks away, I’m happy to see that our Doom 2016 playthrough has gotten so much love from the community. I’m excited to see what id Software has to offer in the upcoming sequel, and I hope you are as well.

As always, a massive thanks goes out to all of our Twitch and Mercury subscibers. Haven’t subscribed yet? Make sure you check out our guide on how to get Twitch Prime – which will grant you a free sub to use on whoever you deem worthy of your support. You can also subscribe to Mercury for just $1 a month and get access to loads of cool features and a nifty supporter badge on the Chatty.

We’ll be kicking off the stream at 2 PM EST as usual, so make sure you join in for the fun. I’ll see you there.

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