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Valorant release date for PC

Find out when the Riot Games' FPS Valorant release date is, and how you can play it.


Valorant is an upcoming FPS game from Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends. Built within the world that makes up League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra, Valorant combines various aspects of CSGO and Team Fortress 2 together into a strategic hero shooter. If you’re excited about the upcoming FPS, then we’ve got all the Valorant release date info you need to know.

Valorant release date for PC

Valorant is set to release sometime in 2020, though Riot Games has not given out an official release date just yet. The game is set to be a PC exclusive, which means PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch owners will need to pick up a capable PC if they want to dive into the Riot Games FPS.

Valorant was officially revealed on March 2, 2020, showcasing various aspects inspired by CSGO, Team Fortress 2, and Overwatch. The game appears to be a more strategic hero shooter, though we won’t know much else until Riot Games decides to share additional information.

Valorant, like the other games in Riot Games’ catalog will be free-to-play. It’s possible that you’ll be able to purchase various cosmetics and items, though no details have really been released on this just yet. We’ll continue to look for more over the coming weeks and months. It’s unclear if Riot Games has plans to drop a beta for Valorant, but we do know that the game has a playable version, as Riot revealed that it has had play sessions behind closed doors for content creators and esports professionals.

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