GTA Online launches new Open Wheel Races competitive mode

Step behind the wheel as you compete in the all-new Open Wheel Races mode available in GTA Online right now.


Those looking to add a little spice to their virtual lives will find something new and exciting to dive into with today’s GTA Online update. Fresh out of the box, today’s update will add the all-new Open Wheel Races mode, seven racing tracks, two open wheel vehicles, and the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (or KERS).

The two new vehicles being added include the Ocelot R88 as well as the Progen PR4. Both vehicles are available to purchase from Legendary Motorsport right now, and both offer a unique look and feel compared to the other vehicles we have seen in GTA Online thus far. With these two vehicles also come a slew of customization options including new open wheel vehicle wings, liveries, engine mods, and so on down the list.

Perhaps the most intriguing addition with the Open Wheel Races mode, though, is the new Kinetic Energy Recovery System. This basically works as a rechargeable boost in Open Wheel Races, allowing you to speed up your vehicle just a bit like you normally could using Nos. All open wheel vehicles come with the KERS already installed, and it will recharge slowly over time.

Players will also find three new tire types available for use during Open Wheel Races. Hard Tires are great in dry conditions but decrease your grip. They do, however, take longer to wear out. With Medium Tires, players can take on both wet and dry conditions with an average amount of grip. These tires wear out after a shorter time than Hard Tires. Finally, Soft Tires offer the best grip and are best when used in wet conditions. The only downside here, though, is that they’ll wear down quickly, forcing you to make a stop.

For more info on the update and the Open Wheels Races mode, head over to the official Rockstar blog post.

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