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2D action-platformer Foregone hits early access on the Epic Games Store

If you're looking for a new action-platformer to dive into, then you can check out Foregone in early access on the Epic Games Store right now.


Update: A previous version of this article listed the wrong price of $29.99 for Foregone on the Epic Games Store. This was because Epic had listed the game at the incorrect price. This error has been fixed.

Developed by Big Blue Bubble, Foregone is a brand-new 2d action-platformer build on fast, fluid movement and combat. Set to release on Steam sometime in 2021, those looking to spice up their lives right now can do so with the game’s early access release on the Epic Games Store.

Right off the bat, Foregone looks like a much more colorful game in the vein of Dead Cells and other Metroidvanias. Unlike many other platformers, though, Foregone also mixes in various systems from the looter genre, as players will find and uncover loads of new weapons and gear as they play through the game.

According to the Epic Games Store page, Foregone is set “years after a devastating war” when the City of Calagan once against finds itself besieged by the Harrow, an all-corrupting force. Players will take on the role of the city’s strongest soldier, sent to investigate the Harrow’s origins and prevent it from bringing the dead back to life. The game features a ton of action from the trailers we’ve seen thus far. While much of the game will take place in 2D environments, it also looks like the pixel art and animations will switch between both 2D and 3D fluidly.

Foregone will also heavily focus on narrative-driven gameplay, with players learning more about the city’s secrets as they fight and explore the world more. There’s no information on just how much of the game is playable right now with the Epic Games Store version, but we imagine that Big Blue Bubble has plenty in store for players throughout the upcoming months. That being said, we’re definitely intrigued to see where Foregone goes from here, and how much it will grow as the developers continue to polish and add content throughout the early access phase.

That being said, there is no real release date for Foregone just yet, but if you like action-platforming, and you want to try out the game, you can purchase into early access on the Epic Games Store for $24.99.

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