How to heal and recover health - Warlander

Knowing how to heal in Warlander is going to mean the difference between making it through another arena and dying and starting again.


Healing and recovering any missing health in Warlander is going to be vital to progressing. There are very few ways to actually heal Bruce, however it’s worth knowing your options, especially when you find yourself surrounded and on a skerrick of health.

How to heal and recover health

There are only a few ways to heal and recover health in Warlander: pick up a health orb, activate life steal, or use Vampire Vine. The first of these options is rather self-explanatory, but let’s go over the specifics of when this is available.

how to heal in Warlander
warlander health orb

Health orbs are red spheres that can be found a number of ways when playing Warlander. The first, and best, way to get a health orb is to find one of the red totems in an arena and smash it open. Most arenas only have a single health totem with the outlier being boss rooms, which can have multiple. Be careful not to hit the explosive canisters, as they will deal a lot of damage.

The other way to get health orbs is to have an enemy drop one. There seems to be no way to tell which enemy will drop when or when they will – it’s entirely random. However, it can certainly be extremely helpful when one does. Though it’s purely anecdotal, the blue-sword enemies appear to have the best chances of dropping one.

buy health orb warlander
Health orbs can be purchased from special nodes marked with a plus sign.

Health orbs can also be purchased from the health nodes. These areas have the orb sitting on a plinth and it can only be purchased. You will want to weigh up whether or not you want to spend your XP and limbs on one. In nearly every single situation, you will absolutely want to purchase it.

life steal warlander
Life Steal is a great way to get health back, as it rewards aggressive play.

Aside from health orbs, another way to get health is via life steal. Sometimes, after clearing an arena, you will be able to open a chest and choose from two different passive boosts. One option you will find is life steal. With this passive, whenever you hit an enemy unit, you will recover a little bit of health. The higher your life steal percentage, the more health recovered. For this reason, you should always choose life steal.

vampire vine warlander
Vampire Vine drains the enemy's health and gives it to Bruce.

Finally, there is an upgrade that will allow you to steal health from enemies, and that is Vampire Vine. This ability grabs enemies, lifts them into the air, all while draining their health and adding it to yours.

Unfortunately, there are no healing tonics or Estus-like items to carry with you. If you’re low on health and unable to get a health orb, you’re out of luck. This makes health one of the most important attributes in Warlander. Players should also consider working up the left-hand side of the skill tree to increase Bruce’s overall health.

Now that you know how to heal and recover health in Warlander, you can get back to fighting your way to the top to face off against Morven.

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