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Temtem sells over 500,000 copies in one month of Early Access

Temtem hasn't been in Early Access for very long, but Humble Bundle and Crema have a lot to celebrate, already reaching the 500K milestone.


It turns out that people sure do love collecting and battling monsters. While Nintendo has practically monopolized the idea, publisher Humble Bundle and developer Crema have been working to bring this same level of joy to the PC gaming base with Temtem. And it's been doing very well for them, with Humble Bundle announcing on Friday that the game has sold over 500,000 copies.


While the milestone is a major one to celebrate, it's all the more remarkable considering that Temtem hasn't even hit its 1.0 release. In fact, it's only been on Steam Early Access for only one month. That's not to say that nobody's thinking about that. Humble Bundle and Crema also noted that the content roadmap for the remainder of the game's beta would be revealed some time in the weeks ahead. The full launch is expected in 2021.

Crema also rounded up some stats for the Temtem players out there, spotlighting some of the numbers popping up over the course of the game. Yes, that's over 1.4 million baby Temtem that have been born or bred. These numbers are obviously expected to grow, especially after launch, but given that the game is in beta, it shows how much interest there is in this Pokemon homage.


And indeed, the resemblance to Pokemon is clear. For those unaware of what Temtem is, this is a special passion project from a developer filled with Pokemon fans. Temtem takes the creature-collecting idea and turn-based RPG battles and takes them to the next level, blending it with all of the best elements of an MMORPG. That means players can either raise creatures on their own or do battle against real-world challengers from across the globe. It also makes trading much easier than it was back in Pokemon Red & Blue's heyday.

Temtem is currently in beta. For those interested in picking it up and trying it out for themselves, it's available right now on Steam Early Access and from the Temtem website. And if you need some pointers, we've got some guides that might help.

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