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Chivalry 2 reveals more visceral kills and "the satisfaction of combat"

Chivalry 2 is a much more gory affair than the previous game, and the way it's built is meant to help ensure players feel rewarded for their efforts.


Love multiplayer games? Love slashing through enemies like a hot knife through butter? You need to check out Chivalry 2, because it's got everything you're looking for and more. 

Shacknews sat down with members of developer Torn Banner Studios to chat about the upcoming entry in the Chivalry series, which looks like it's going to be the most visually satisfying and meaty yet. In short, you should have Chivalry 2 on your radar. 

Technology has advanced since the original Chivalry debuted, which is obvious when you're slicing through your enemies.

"We really achieved some cool stuff with Chivalry 1, but a lot of cool stuff was untapped and left on the table," said Torn Banner Studios' brand director Alex Hayter. "We have better caliber of people working with a better quality engine, and the results are really showing."

"The blood and gore, those elements of satisfaction are really important to the experience. It's not just about being bloody and shocking, but that stuff is really a reward for the satisfaction of combat. So after you've chopped off someone's head, you can pick up their head and battle cry with it in the air," Hayter added.

"One of the biggest adds is this bar fight idea, where you can fight with whatever's around you. There's a huge amount of objects that you can pick up, based on wherever you are. That can be chickens, pitchforks. You can pick up other people's heads. There are always opportunities to pick up items as you're going through. Anything that you can find, you can pick up and smash somebody with it," added Torn Banner owner Steve Piggott, who also works as creative director on Chivalry 2.

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