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Stela, from Halo Infinite co-developers, set for Switch and PC in March

Stela, the cinematic indie platformer from Halo Infinite co-developers SkyBox Labs, is preparing to jump onto PC and Nintendo Switch in March.


While Halo has been working towards going "Infinite" over the last couple of years, some of the talented developers that have worked on the series have branched out to bring their own projects to life. We saw one just a few weeks ago with co-creator Marcus Lehto's Disintegration. But there's also a lesser-known project from the upcoming Halo Infinite's co-creators SkyBox Labs, who released a platformer called Stela on Xbox One and Apple Arcade back in late 2019. Well, now Stela is ready to leap onto a handful of new platforms, with PC and Nintendo Switch versions announced earlier today.

For the uninitiated, Stela follows the story of a lone woman during the final days of an ancient world. As the apocalypse begins to unfold around her, she seeks to explore the remnants of her world. She'll explore different environments, solve puzzles tied to the civilizations of her world, avoid dangerous creatures that are seemingly around every turn, and prepare for the end of everything.

SkyBox Labs is not content to release the game in its original form to the new platforms, but the developer is looking to make some active improvements. Expect an expanded ending, along with visual upgrades to help enhance the story and better emphasize the game's environments. While these improvements will come to Nintendo Switch and Steam on day one, an update will add these features to the current Xbox One version around the same time. An Apple Arcade update is expected soon.

The new Switch and PC versions will also include everything featured in Stela's recent December update, which added 15 secret areas and unlockable 3D dioramas that supplement the game's narrative.

Stela is set to release on PC and Nintendo Switch on March 13, where it will sell for $19.99. If you're looking to play the game right now, it's currently available on Apple Arcade (with its $4.99 monthly fee) and Xbox One.

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