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Sea of Thieves Crews of Rage update patch notes now available

Yar pirates, a new update is now available for Sea of Thieves and here are all the patch notes you need to know about.


Rare continues to bring new content and updates to Sea of Thieves. This time around the Crews of Rage bring new bounties, a new fortress, and a ton of other updates to the game. We’ve compiled a list of the items from the patch notes below, so let’s take a quick look.

One of the biggest new features is the Molten Sands Fortress. Right now, all other fortresses in the Sea of Thieves world have gone quiet, with all the enemies flocking to this one massive landmark. Bring your best guns, and plenty of ammo, because you’re going to need it. You’ll also find new bounties to take on, which will give you a chance to pick up the new Chests of Rage, which you can also use against your enemies.

new Ashen rewards in Sea of Thieves
The new Ashen rewards arriving in Crews of Rage.

A new item has also begun to appear around the world. Tomes of Resurrection are pretty much exactly what they sound like, and you can use them to unlock even more cosmetic items by returning them to Duke. You’ll need Ashen Keys to pull that off, though, so make sure you pick some up along your journey or grab a Key Stash Voyage to acquire one.

The update also includes a slew of new Ashen Rewards, as well as new items available to purchase from the Black Market. The Pirate Emporium also received a bit of an update this time around, and you can pick up a few new items via that section now.

For more information on the latest update, and for a more in-depth look at the Chests of Rage, be sure to head back over to the official Sea of Thieves blog post. You can also make your way over to our Sea of Thieves guide, where you’ll find a slew of great guides designed to help you get the most of your time in Rare’s swashbuckling adventure.

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