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Final Fantasy 7 Remake & PS1 opening comparison

Curious to know how the new intro for Final Fantasy 7 Remake stacks up against the original intro? We've got you covered.


Today marked the release of a brand-new look at the Final Fantasy 7 Remake intro video. Set to release in April, we aren’t far from being able to dive back into the wonderful world of Final Fantasy 7 to explore Cloud’s adventure one more time. Of course, a remake means new scenes, and the intro for Final Fantasy 7 Remake has seen quite a few changes from the original. To help you note the differences, we’ve put together this handy comparison video.

One of the biggest differences that viewers will notice right off the bat is that the intro video for Final Fantasy 7 Remake is about two minutes longer than the intro for the original game. Instead of transitioning directly into a starry field, the intro showcases a bird flying through the world, as well as some other scenes.

Then it all transitions into the opening scene that many will recognize from the PlayStation 1 intro. Of course, the graphics have all been modernized, and the actual way that things play out is a big different. We see a flower getting stomped before everything zooms out to showcase the city, and of course the iconic train sequence that helped kick off the game’s main storyline.

You can check out the full comparison above. The original trailer doesn’t kick in until around 2 minutes into the video, but it’s all very much worth checking out. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is set for an April 10, 2020 release date. For more info on 2020 video game release dates, make sure you check out our handy calendar. You can also head over to YouTube and subscribe to Shacknews, where you’ll find a slew of great gaming content including behind-the-scenes features, top 10 lists, guides, and other stuff.

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