Borderlands 3 February 13 update patch notes

Find out everything you need to know about the Borderlands 3 February 13 update with these handy patch notes.


Still playing Borderlands 3? Then Gearbox has some great news for you with the latest update. If you’re curious to know what the update holds, then keep reading, as we’ve put together a list of all the changes included in the Borderlands 3 February 13 update patch notes below.

Borderlands 3 February 13 update patch notes

There’s a lot to talk about this update, so we’re going to get right down to business. First and foremost, the Broken Hearts Day event is now live for the next week. Head to Sanctuary III and talk with Maurice to get started on the new event. You could find yourself with tons of rewards, including two level 53 weapons the Terminal Polyaimorous and the Wedding Invitation.

If you’re not into events, then you’ll also find a handy Event Toggle option now available in Borderlands 3. This new feature will be in all future events and will allow you to disable the Broken Hearts Day event from the main menu. This feature was highly request by the community, and is just one of many things many fans will be looking forward to this update.

On the topic of adding highly requested features, you can finally skip cutscenes in the Borderlands 3 campaign. This has been a feature that fans were begging for since the game’s initial launch and it’s great to see Gearbox finally releasing it. The level cap has also been increased to a whopping 53, so get out there and start earning yourself more experience, stat!

You can also enable a new True Takedown Mode now at the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite event. When enabled, this feature will allow you to scale the Takedown up to the original 4 player standard. It will also be available in all future Takedowns and can be toggled from the switch to the right of the Takedown door.

Not a fan of Guardian Ranks? Well you can disable that now, too, if you want. The Guardian Rank system will even be turned off by default, so those who want to ignore it won’t even have to take any extra steps to do so. This patch also brings the Google Stadia version of Borderlands 3 up to snuff, putting all versions of the game on the same update.

That’s not all, though. The official patch notes post on the Borderlands website also details the following changes:

Good grief, Vault Hunters! What a list of changes, right? You can check out our Borderlands 3 guide for even more coverage of the game, and be sure to make the most of the new changes as listed above.

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