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IOGEAR shows off the versatile Keymander 2 at CES 2020

Whether you prefer gaming with a controller or mouse and keyboard, the Keymander 2 has you covered.


Ever wished you could use a mouse and keyboard with the game of your choice? Thanks to IOGEAR's Keymander 2, you can do just that, with the greatest of ease.

Shacknews spoke with IOGEAR product manager Derek Hamilton at CES 2020 about the new tech, which can make enjoying your favorite games with different controller inputs a lot easier.

The Keymander 2 builds on IOGEAR'S original Keymander technology, which lets you use the peripheral to take advantage of your mouse and keyboard with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 consoles.

You can set up different commands with an iOS or Android app as well, whether you want to use your keyboard in its standard mode or with custom controls. Obviously, this is a great way to improve your game when It comes to titles like first-person shooters, especially if you're looking to improve your Fortnite or Overwatch game.

It's a no-brainer – especially if you're not as good at your favorite game without a mouse and keyboard to use. Some people just don't prefer using controllers for their

You can also use the product to set up a PlayStation 4 controller for use with an Xbox One, or vice versa. There are several ways you can use it if you're creative enough, which makes it a necessity for anyone who games on multiple platforms.

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