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Serpentine Gear - The Witcher 3

The Serpentine Gear, which includes the Viper Steel Sword and Viper Silver Sword, are some of the first pieces of unique gear you can unlock in The Witcher 3.


The first set of unique swords you can unlock in The Witcher 3 is called the Serpentine Gear. These are two swords can be found in White Orchard and are part of a larger set of armor which is only available through the Hearts of Stone DLC. For now, though, the Viper Steel Sword and Viper Silver Sword are more than enough to get your on your way.

Serpentine Gear – Viper swords

The Serpentine Gear is found during the side quest, Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear. This is one of the Treasure Hunts available in The Witcher 3. The earliest you can get this gear is when you reach White Orchard.

The Witcher 3 Serpentine gear Scavenger Hunt Viper School
The quest steps for the Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear will slowly unlock as you encounter them.

To get this quest, you will need to find either the Viper Steel Sword or the Viper Silver Sword. Finding one will uncover the aforementioned quest.

This quest has a few main steps:

  • Find the diagrams for all elements of Viper School gear (2)
  • Search the castle ruins
  • Read the report
  • Read Kolgrim’s letter
  • Find Kolgrim’s remains

Viper Steel Sword

the Witcher 3 viper steel sword
The Witcher 3 Serpentine gear

The Viper steel sword is located by visiting a point of interest at the Ransacked Village, an area to the east of the Woesong Bridge, the first area you visit in White Orchard. To climb the tower, approach it from the southwest to find a part of the wall fallen down. Climb up the wall and prepare to fight a few bandits. The chest is in the tower by the wall. Picking up the Serpentine Steel Sword diagram will unlock the Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear, which details the other steps.

Viper Silver Sword

the Witcher 3 Viper silver sword
The Witcher 3 Serpentine silver sword

The Viper Silver Sword is found in the crypt below the graveyard in White Orchard. The graveyard is located to the north of Woesong Bridge. As you approach the graveyard, you will be ambushed by a level 7 Wraith, so prepare for the attack.

After dealing a bit of damage, the wraith will disappear into the crypt. Use Aard to destroy the door. The wraith will attack again once inside. Defeat the wraith or run to the far right of the room and search the skeletal remains to find the Serpentine Silver Sword diagram.

Once both the Serpentine Steel Sword and Serpentine Silver Sword diagrams are found, you can head to a blacksmith to forge the Viper Steel Sword and the Viper Silver Sword. That brings the Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear quest to a close and provides you with your first formidable Witcher gear. Check out our page on The Witcher 3 to find more goodies you'll want to collect as Geralt travels the path.

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