How to play Snapshots - Minecraft Java Edition

Everything you need to know to install and play Snapshots in Minecraft Java Edition.


Minecraft has evolved quite a bit since the game’s first release to players many years ago, and now as Mojang continues to grow the adventure, more and more changes are coming about. While you can wait to experience these changes in official updates, if you’d rather try out updates early, you can enable Snapshots in your Minecraft launcher. In this guide, we’ll breakdown how to play Snapshots in Minecraft Java Edition.

How to play Snapshots - Minecraft Java Edition

If you want to try out the latest Snapshot updates to see how Mojang is constantly improving the game, then you’ll want to follow the steps.

First, launch up Minecraft Java Edition via the Minecraft Launcher.

How to play Snapshots - Minecraft

Once you’ve done this, locate the Installations tab at the top. Click this to open a different panel.

Minecraft - installations tab

From the Installations panel, locate the Versions area in the top bar. Find the Snapshots box and tick it.

Minecraft - how to play snapshots

Now you’ll be able to see the latest Snapshot in the drop-down menu on the Installations tab. Click the Play button and you’ll load into the Snapshot.

Before you start playing a Snapshot version, make sure you back up any worlds or saves you already have. If you really want to check out the Snapshot, then we suggest starting a new save file, as playing on a Snapshot version can corrupt your original saves. You can check out the latest update and patch notes by clicking the Patch Notes option on the top of the Minecraft Launcher.

Minecraft game screen - version ID
Minecraft game screen - version ID

To make sure you’re playing the latest Snapshot, you can load up the game and check the version in the bottom right-hand corner.

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