New Motorola Razr exclusive preview of retro mode and folding screen

Shacknews had the chance to check out the new Motorola Razr, complete with that glorious folding screen and retro mode to make it look and feel the way you remember it.


When it comes to retro cell phones, what's better or more stylish than a Motorola Razr?

Unfortunately, those swanky phones are more than a little outdated now, and using one certainly would force you to miss out on more than a few experiences you can get with modern smartphones. Luckily, that's why the new Motorola Razr exists.

Shacknews chatted with Lenovo's market development manager about the new phone, which is far cooler than the original phone could ever have hoped of being. We got an exclusive preview that you can check out in the video below, but we'll warn you: you may end up salivating excessively over the sweet folding screen.

The new Motorola Razr looks just like the old phone when unfolded, but it's all screen. It just folds at the center so it can behave like the classic flip phone. But it has an extremely cool "retro Razr mode" with a functional dialpad that you can bring up so you can pretend you're really dialing numbers.

To escape that mode and get back to the slick 6.2 inch OLED, bezel-less screen, you need to press and hold the power button to "power down." From there, you can see how it looks like a modern smartphone, with the power to bend in the middle. It can perform when closed, too. The front of the phone lets you still check mail, take photos, and answer calls. There isn't a price point just yet and no release date, but it will be coming to a manufacturer near you – by way of Lenovo – very soon, hopefully. 

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