Halo: The Master Chief Collection adds Freeze Tag game type

Halo: The Master Chief Collection has a frosty new game type that you can try out for a limited time when you jump in.


Halo: The Master Chief Collection players are getting a reward in the form of a new game type to try out this month.

To help kick off the two-week long Winter Contingency event in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which is going on from February 5 through February 18, there's a new chilly game players can check out: Freeze Tag. You can jump online to complete 5 matches as part of the Winter Contingency playlist to earn the Focus Rifle nameplate, or complete 15 matches to get it and the Winter Contingency nameplate.

What is Freeze Tag, though? It's simple. Basically, it's an elimination game where players have to freeze all members of the enemy team to take home the gold. When frozen, players can thaw their teammates by "huddling together" with them. Frozen players can then move to take cover and thaw on their own eventually if needed. After thawing, there's a brief period of invulnerability here with increased speed to rejoin the team.

There's a flag that can be pushed into the enemy base that can win the round as well. Freeze Tag has the flag spawning on a 90-second delay, but in the Freeze Flag permutation on larger maps, it's there from the beginning of the map. If a round goes to time, whoever has the fewest frozen players wins.

The game will be available on a variety of different Reach maps if you're interested in taking part in one of the matches. Sound cool? It literally should, since it's Freeze Tag. You can check out the complete update here vis 343 Industries for additional information. 

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