Apex Legends Season 4 gameplay trailer teases a Capital City disaster

It's more than Revenant bringing the creeps in the new Apex Legends Season 4 Assimilation gameplay trailer. We also a harrowing look of Capitol City shredded and destroyed.


Apex Legends Season 4 - Assimilation is knocking at the door as we wait to play both a new legend in Revenant, take hold of a new sniper rifle with the Sentinel, and much more. That said, while everything was on display in the new Apex Legends Season 4 gameplay trailer, it was the teased massive changes to World’s Edge that caught our eye. It looks like Hammond Robotics and their fancy Planet Harvester are about to let loose a tremendously devastated new look on Capitol City to say the least.

Respawn and EA dropped the new gameplay trailer for Apex Legends Season 4 - Assimilation on February 3, 2020 via Twitter and the Apex Legends YouTube channel. You can check out the trailer below.

The start-up of the trailer shows us the Hammond Robotics Planet Harvester, but more than that, we get a look at a Capitol City that looks like it’s been carved apart by the super-heated lasers that the Harvester emits. It would appear that when Season 4 kicks off on February 4, 2020, we’re going to get a vastly recreated landscape in the often hotly contested Capitol City area, where buildings have been knocked down or vaporized, all the ice has melted, and a river of deadly lava flows through the vast scars left by whatever Hammond Robotics did.

We also got a little bit better of a look at the new Legend, Revenant, who’s subbing in after Respawn pulled a rope-a-dope on us with their original reveal of another character, Forge. Revenant looks like he can throw some kind of projectile that can disrupt enemies somewhat like Caustic’s Nox Gas ultimate. It also looks like he has a stationary device that will allow players to take on a revenant state from the Halloween event and warp back to the device if they get shot. We also got another glimpse of the Sentinel sniper rifle, showing off how it can laser enemies at massive range.

There’s a lot going on in the Apex Legends Season 4 gameplay trailer that left us with a lot of questions, but undoubtedly, some of these will be answered on February 4 when Assimilation goes live. Are you excited to check out the new map, Legend, and weapon this season? Let us know in the Shacknews Chatty comment section below.

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