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Weekend Discussion - February 2, 2020 - Super Bowl Sunday

It's that one day a year when we all watch commercials in between football plays.


Hey Shacknews, it's time for Weekend Discussion. Let's officially kick off our day of posting. Please take a look.

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs

Today at 6:30 PM ET, Super Bowl LIV will kick off between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. The over/under is 53.5 and KC is favored by 1.5 points. I am not a betting man, but I believe that KC will win. Patrick Mahommes is a great young leader, and I look forward to a good game. Head over to ]pm[chem's Super Bowl LIV Shacknews Chatty thread to join our conversation.

It's Groundhog Day, my dudes

Punxsutawney Phil predicts early Spring.

Phil Connors has still got it.

Kirby is the best boy

I love Kirby.

Excellent Antonio Brown interview by Josina Anderson

His answer to Josina's CTE question was very troubling:

Josina: "Do you have any concerns of having CTE at all?"

AB: "I just got a whole lot of money, that's it. If I had CTE, I wouldn't be able to have this beautiful gym, I wouldn't be able to be creative, I wouldn't be able to, you know, communicate, you know?"

Josina: "You might have the early stages, AB."

AB: "I'm perfectly fine. I didn't take that many big hits. I had one big hit in like 10 years. Anybody who plays this game, they're going to get hit hard. That's a part of the game. Why people think I got CTE? I'm a really handsome guy, I'm like healthy..."

Josina: "Wow! It has nothing to do with your physical attractiveness level."

AB: "CTE. I feel like I don't have CTE. Perfectly fine."

He's not okay.


Marc Rebillet is that Shacker!

What's the deal with wealth disparity?

The guy who thinks the middle class got four pieces of pie, sigh.

J. J. Watt's Madden NFL 21 SNL skit

Madden made some really terrible updates earlier this week, in case you missed it.

Tony Hawk tweets are good tweets

Follow Tony Hawk for more Tony Hawk content.

Andrew Hawkins lampoons the NFL Honors Awards

Pretty good, Hawk.

02/02/2020 it the last palindrome date until 03/03/3030

Thanks to Korban to bringing this to my attention with his Shacknews Chatty thread.

Elder coder drops wisdom

Comment your code, you bastards.


Kaizo levels give me anxiety.

The Colt McCoy self-help book market has crashed

Now is your chance to land a sweet, sweet Coly McCoy book.

Cat is Smash?

Sakurai might be swayed to add this cat.

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

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