Lenovo's 2020 product line-up includes a monitor that uses vibrations to create sound

From the Qreator 27 to the Yoga A940, Lenovo has a product for every user in 2020.


Lenovo is a house name among gamers and technology enthusiasts alike. From their line of laptops and monitors, users have been powering their gaming and business needs. Now that we’re in a new year, we had the opportunity to check out Lenovo’s 2020 line of Creator Series PCs, monitors, as well as laptops and other gear. Please check out the showcase video below!

Lenovo 2020 product line-up

Lenovo’s Creator Series line-up has a whole lot of appealing bits of technology for gamers as well as professionals working in the creative industries. The first product we got to check out was the Qreator 27.

This 27-inch monitor has a wealth of features that are bound to excite. For starters, the screen itself vibrates like a speaker would. This is the Smart Sound Crystal Display that allows for extremely accurate sound. In the demo, we get to see this shown off with water droplets, the high-pitch screech of an eagle, and even the subtle flaring of a sparkler.

The Qreator 27 also features wireless charging at the base for mobile devices and can even draw enough power to charge a laptop. Now, instead of needing two power points for the laptop and monitor, users can free up a slot for other devices.

For more information on the Qreator 27, check out the Lenovo site, which also details some of the other products we got to check out.

Another standout was the Yoga A940. This incredible computer comes with a rotating and folding, 27-inch display. Users can reduce the angle of the screen, allowing for easier drafting and content creation with the stylus.

Regardless of whether you’re interested in the products because you’re a PC gamer looking to upgrade your screen or a professional user looking for a screen for Photoshop, there’s an option for you in Lenovo’s line-up. Be sure to check out the Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube channel for more product overviews!

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