Watch Wasteland Remastered's launch trailer ahead of February release

Go back to the '80s with this updated version of the classic post-apocalyptic adventure Wasteland next month.


inXile Entertainment has debuted the launch trailer for its upcoming Wasteland Remastered release, which is due out next month.

A remastered version of the title that came out in 1988, Wasteland Remastered will bring the original post-apocalyptic adventure back to a new audience. The game's set in 2087, which is about a century after nuclear war ravaged the Earth.

You play as a Desert Ranger, one of a group of lawmen who find themselves some of the last hopes for the former American southwest. Now that there's something more menacing on the horizon, you've got to take up arms and investigate before things get worse. You can gather your group, follow new leads, and make certain choices that will end up shaping the world around you.

This version of the game will include the original title's physical storybook in-game, with full illustrations and voice overs. It'll also feature an expanded musical score and newly-squashed bugs. It'll also include controller support, in case you want to kick back on your couch and spend some time playing in comfort instead of hunched over at your keyboard and mouse, as many of us tend to do. 

Wasteland Remastered will debut on February 25 on Xbox One and PC via Steam and GOG for $14.99.

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