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Samurai Shodown unveils Season 2 DLC lineup

Samurai Shodown isn't done with its post-launch DLC drops just yet, as SNK unveils who's set to join Season 2.


Fewer fighting games had a better 2019 than Samurai Shodown, with SNK bringing its classic weapon-based fighter back from the grave to much acclaim from the series' fanbase. And the party isn't stopping anytime soon. After bringing out its full Season 1 roster of DLC characters, SNK wants to keep the train running. Over the weekend at EVO Japan 2020, the publisher revealed who's set to join the roster for Season 2.

Leading the way is Mina Majikina, making her return from 2003's Samurai Shodown V. She's a mighty archer, wielding a bow that cleanses the world of demons. SNK notes that Mina was the most requested among the Samurai Shodown alumni, recently topping a Dengeki Online poll. She's set to join the battle in February.

Sogetsu Kazama is set to follow afterwards. He's back from his most recent appearance in 2005's Samurai Shodown VI and ready to join brother Kazuki, who recently joined the roster as part of Season 1. Sogetsu uses the power of water to aid him in battle, allowing him to craft weapons from thin air, making him a deadly adversary.

Speaking of Samurai Shodown VI, Iroha will also join the fight as Season 2's third character. This crane may take on the appearance of a demure maid, but she's incredibly dangerous, wielding a pair of butterfly swords and using her speed to topple opponents quickly.

A fourth character is set to join Season 2 at some point, but that character is currently being kept under wraps. Look for more information on the identity of this fourth combatant as it arrives.

Look for Season 2 of Samurai Shodown to kick off in just a few weeks on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version of the Shacknews Best Fighting Game of 2019 is also set to receive this DLC when it arrives. Samurai Shodown is set to arrive on the Switch on February 25.

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