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Is Journey to the Savage Planet cross-platform?

Journey to the Savage Planet supports co-op play but users on different systems want to know whether the game also features cross-platform play.


Journey to the Savage Planet is a wonderfully quirky game by Typhoon Studios, the company’s first title. The game features online co-op on Xbox One, Windows 10 PC as well as PlayStation 4, but players are also interested in another modern feature: cross-platform play.

Does Journey to the Savage Planet support cross-play?

Unfortunately, Journey to the Savage Planet does not have cross-platform play. This means if you and a friend purchase the game on different platforms, you will not be able to play with one another. You will both need to own a copy on the same platform in order to play co-op.

journey to the savage planet cross-platform play
Journey to the Savage Planet does not have cross-platform play, but it does have online co-op!

A lot of effort and resources go into bringing a game to multiple platforms, and given how early we are in the cross-platform evolution, it should come as no surprise that it’s a demanding feature to add. To compound this further, Typhoon Studios is a small indie company with limited resources. Adding a big feature like this no doubt consumes a lot of these resources.

Consider for a moment that only some of the biggest and most popular games have only recently added cross-platform support. The likes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Rocket League, and even Fortnite are early adopters of cross-play.

The obvious standout here is Microsoft, who feature cross-play on all their first-party releases on Xbox One and PC. A game available through Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One and PC will be able to play with one another, provided the game includes some form of multiplayer. This includes games like Sea of Thieves and Gears 5.

So while Journey to the Savage Planet does not have cross-platform support, it does at least offer an excellent co-op experience. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to play local co-op through splitscreen, it must be online. However, it is a feature the team has been thinking about, especially when it comes to potentially releasing on Nintendo Switch.

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