How to unlock electrical locked doors - Journey to the Savage Planet

Sick of those electrical doors in Journey to the Savage Planet slamming shut when you get too close? There's a trick to keeping them open.


There are a lot of puzzles in Journey to the Savage Planet and electrical doors that shut when you get close are one of the more puzzling. These big circular doors show you what’s inside, but as soon as you get within a foot, they slam shut. If you want to get what’s inside, you’ll need to be a bit tricky, use your surroundings, or get a specific upgrade.

How to unlock electrical locked doors – Savage Planet

open electrical locked doors journey to the savage planet
These circular doors in Journey to the Savage Planet slam shut if you get too close. There's a way to unlock them and it requires electricity.

There are quite a few of these electrical doors around Journey to the Savage Planet. These doors look like a big circle with a blue button at the top. While you can see what’s inside from a distance, as soon as you get close the door will shut. No matter how fast you are, you won’t be able to get inside without the right tools.

You don’t technically open these electrical doors as the trick is to prevent them from shutting in the first place. To keep these electrical circle doors open, you must use electricity to zap the blue lump. When the blue button is electrocuted, it will freeze the door open.

unlock circle doors journey to the savage planet
Use electricity on the door when it's open to keep it open.

Now this can be done one of two ways. Sometimes there will be electric aliens walking around in the general area. If you can bait one over to the door and get it to zap, you can enter the little room and get the loot.

The other option is to unlock the Shock Fruit Stabilizer upgrade. This upgrade allows you to carry and hold shock fruits. With a shock fruit in hand, stand back from the door so it opens, take aim and the blue button, and then hold the tool button to shock the door. This will keep “stun” the door, allowing you to quickly run in and grab the treasure. For this method, you will need to get alien alloys to upgrade tool. Consider getting alien alloy from the green cubes of jelly you’ve no doubt been finding!

Now that you know how to unlock electrical locked doors in Journey to the Savage Planet, you can shift your focus to opening the alien chests! Take a moment to check out the Shacknews Journey to the Savage Planet page for more helpful space-faring tips!

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