Who is the third voice of Xehanort? - Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind

With the sudden passing of Rutger Hauer, Square Enix needed a third actor to play Master Xehanort. So who did they get?


Kingdom Hearts 3 has returned with another story to tell with this week's all-new Re Mind DLC. That means most of the cast is back to reprise their roles once more. Well, we say most, because there is another elephant in the room. And once again, it is regarding the voice of Master Xehanort.

Let's go over this again. Master Xehanort is the Kingdom Hearts series' main villain, who was first revealed in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. His voice was provided by the legendary Leonard Nimoy, known by many as the voice of Spock from the original (and animated) Star Trek series. Nimoy passed away in 2015 as Kingdom Hearts 3 was in the middle of its lengthy development cycle. Hobo with a Shotgun actor Rutger Hauer then took over as Xehanort for KH3. Sadly, in the time between KH3's release and the Re Mind DLC, Hauer also passed away, thus necessitating a third actor to come in and fill the role of Xehanort. So who did Square Enix get this time?

Who is the third voice of Xehanort? - Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind - Christopher Lloyd

With Square Enix once again going back to the drawing board, their choice for the third man behind Xehanort is actually pretty inspired. According to IMDB, it's none other than Christopher Lloyd. Lloyd is an acting legend in his own right, known mainly as Doc Brown from Back to the Future. Yes, with the Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind storyline largely revolving around time travel, Square Enix went and got someone most famous for playing the role of a time traveler. Well-played.

Lloyd has been in many other acting roles since, but hasn't played too many villains. Although he is largely remembered as a villain for one of his most famous roles. Old-school movie fans will remember him as the sinister Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Anyone who grew up in that era likely remembers this nightmare fuel from their childhood.

Video game credits? Yes, Lloyd has those, too. He's gone back to the Doc Brown well a couple of times, voicing the character in both Telltale's Back to the Future and also LEGO Dimensions. He was also a part of the 2015 revival of King's Quest, where he voiced Old King Graham.

The best Xehanort is now something that's actually up for debate amongst hardcore Kingdom Hearts fans. Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Re Mind DLC is now available for PlayStation 4, while the DLC will be available on Xbox One on February 25. We're playing through it now, so be sure to keep up with our coverage on the Kingdom Hearts 3 home page.

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