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How to add friends - Temtem

Learn how to add friends and adventure with others in Temtem.


One of the biggest features that sets Temtem apart from other Pokemon-like games is the fact that it is an MMO. This means you’ll be exploring the massive world of Temtem with loads of other players and can even make friends along the way. Unfortunately, adding friends can be a bit tricky as the game doesn’t explain it that well. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know to search for and add friends in Temtem.

How to add friends - Temtem

If you’re looking to add friends to your friend's list in Temtem, you’re going to need to understand the different symbols that make up the User Profile. Like most MMOs, you can search for players with their in-game name and then interact with them through various buttons on their profile board.

To open up the friend's list press Tab. Navigate over to the second to last option, the one right before the Settings cog. It looks like two people standing next to each other This is where you’ll find an assortment of features and actions that all relate to the friend board. Look for the icon of two heads and then select it to bring up the friend list. This is where you can see any friends you’ve already added, as well as where you’ll search for friends that you want to add to your list.

How to add friends in Temtem
You can add friends in Temtem from the search menu.

To search for new friends, click the Search option at the top and then enter in their name. Pressing Enter on your keyboard will search the database and bring up their profile board. Here is where things can get confusing, though. What do all of these icons mean exactly?

First off, you’ll have a few different categories of actions you can take. The first area is the "Temtem Up" category. These include battle options. You can also inspect the player to see more about their current Squad, or even what Club they are apart of. Finally, there is the Interact menu. This is where you can initiate Whispers (private messages), Trades, Co-Op gameplay, and where you can add friends.

To add a friend you’re going to want to press the button with the + sign on it. This will send that person a friend request, allowing you to see them on your friend's list. Now that you know how to add friends make sure you check out the rest of our Temtem guides for even more helpful information. Now that you have more friends on your list, you can head out and catch yourself some Luma Temtem.

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