Apple to start production of more affordable iPhone next month

According to sources, Apple is looking to reach buyers searching for an affordable phone and will be going into production on a lower cost iPhone in February 2020.


Apple has one of the most demanded smartphones on the market with the iPhone, but it doesn’t keep buyers from looking elsewhere when it comes to affordability. Reportedly, Apple is getting set to address this issue. The company will begin producing a new affordable iPhone as early as next month.

Apple’s intention to pursue mass production of a new, affordable iPhone was reported by Bloomberg on January 21, 2020. According to Bloomberg, the company has been getting ready for a more budget-friendly model of their popular phones since the iPhone 11 in September 2019, which enticed consumers with a slightly lower entry cost compared to previous launches of iPhone generations. The affordable iPhone is also an effort by Apple to compete in aggressively competitive countries like India where much cheaper Android models dominate the scene.

Apple's more affordable upcoming iPhone will reportedly take elements of the iPhone 11 and apply them to a more affordable iPhone 8 design.
Apple's more affordable upcoming iPhone will reportedly take elements of the iPhone 11 and apply them to a more affordable iPhone 8 design.

Apple’s new product is expected to be similar in size and scope to the iPhone 8. According to Bloomberg, the affordable phone will feature Apple Touch ID and a 4.7-inch screen. It will also feature the same processor as the current iPhone 11. However, it will not have Apple’s Face ID biometric authentication.

Though Apple was unwilling to comment on their intentions with the new phone, it seems that Apple is hoping it will also help promote growth and resurgence of Apple product purchases in 2020, in which the tech company is looking to sell over 200 million products by year’s end. If the price is right without sacrificing too much in functionality on their upcoming iPhone, it could certainly make a difference in consumer opinion when the phone goes into production in February.

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