Killer Queen Black Hydra Update adds 8-player local multiplayer

In a major Hydra Update, Killer Queen Black has added long-requested 8-player local multiplayer, as well as many more quality-of-life improvements to the game.


Killer Queen is an incredibly fun and strategic team game whether you’re playing it in the arcades or in your home on Killer Queen Black, but one thing that the home version has been missing for a bit is the ability to bring full opposing teams together under one roof. That has changed with the new Killer Queen Black Hydra Update, which brings 8-player local multiplayer to the game alongside a slew of other updates.

The Killer Queen Black Hydra Update was announced on January 21, 2020 by Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games via the Killer Queen Black Twitter. The headline of this major update available on Steam and Nintendo Switch is the addition of up to 8-player local multiplayer. Without use of online services or a Nintendo Switch Online account, 8 players can get together to take up all slots of a typical Killer Queen Black 4 vs 4 match. This update came alongside a road map of changes planned for 2020 and 2021, which can be seen below.

BumbleBear games and Liquid Bit have plenty of goodies planned for Killer Queen Black in 2020 and beyond.
BumbleBear games and Liquid Bit have plenty of goodies planned for Killer Queen Black in 2020 and beyond.

In addition to the 8-player local multiplayer, the Hydra Update for Killer Queen Black brought along a host of other changes, including better map pool variety, bots in local and custom games to fill out the teams, and more. Check out the full list of changes below as posted by Liquid Bit.

  • Eight-player local support for PC and console
  • Region selection on Switch
  • Custom (online) and local matches can be started by a single player
  • Bots can fill out local and custom matches
  • Teams in local and custom matches can now be automatically shuffled
  • Streamer mode: Choose which names to display in-game and in menus
  • Map pools now skew towards more variety and fewer repeats
  • Various bug fixes and UI improvements

With this update, Killer Queen Black has also been put on sale for 50% off on Steam and Nintendo Switch, so if you’ve been waiting to jump into the game, it’s a pretty good time to get some friends together and get your Killer Queen on.

For more on Killer Queen Black, check out what we thought of it when Shacknews checked it out at E3 2019’s IndieCade Showcase.

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