How to activate Soul Emblem bonuses - Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Learn how to activate Soul Emblem bonuses in the Community Board in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.


Soul Emblems are special tokens that players are rewarded for various quests and fights in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. These items can then be added to different Community Boards, which will allow you to unlock extra skills and effects. If you want to make the most of your Soul Emblems, though, you’re going to need to learn the various Soul Emblem Bonus Combos available. This guide will teach you how to read Bonus Combos and how to set them up.

How to activate Soul Emblem bonuses - Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

You can view Soul Emblem bonuses by heading to the start menu. From here, open up the Soul Emblems option under the Community Board listing. Once you select an Emblem, you can see its bonus combos on the right-hand side.

DBZ Kakarot - Soul Emblem bonuses
You can check a Soul Emblem's bonuses by opening up the emblem's details.

So, for example, when looking at Goku’s Soul Emblem you can see that he has four possible bonus combos including the Ultimate Father-Son Team, Turtle School Disciples, From Enemy to Friend, and Earth’s Savior bonuses. When you connect the Soul Emblems in each bonus together, each emblem will be granted an additional amount of points. So, for the Ultimate Father-Son Team, players will see an extra +2 points to Goku and Gohan’s Community Levels when they are connected.

You can check the bonus combos of any Soul Emblem you have unlocked. However, if you look at the screenshot we’ve included above, you’ll see that the Earth’s Savior bonus shows a question mark in the second emblem slot. This means we haven’t yet discovered this Soul Emblem, so we’ll need to find and acquire it before we can activate that particular bonus.

DBZ Kakarot - Community of Gods board
You'll want to focus on Soul Emblems that really increase your Community Rank.

Making use of the bonuses is going to be very important if you’re looking to min/max all of the stats and effects that you can unlock. So, if you’re working to upgrade your Training Community, you’ll want to take Soul Emblems with high Training Community levels and then position them next to other characters that are apart of their bonuses. Try to choose the bonus that will give you the most points towards your next rank, as this will get you closer to unlocking more Community Skills that you want to unlock.

Now that you know how Soul Emblem bonuses work, and how to activate them, you can check out our guide to Community Boards for more info, or head back over to our Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot guides for additional help.

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