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Surviving the Aftermath - Update 3 breaks down Expeditions

The latest update to Surviving the Aftermath adds more mechanics for players to utilize in their survival, including vehicles, trading, and Twitch integrations.


Surviving the Aftermath, by Paradox Interactive and Iceflake Studios, has received ushered in 2020 with its third major update, Expeditions. Update 3 looks to advance the functionality of the game by giving players more of everything: vehicles, trade, buildings, and even connectivity via Twitch integrations. Check out the trailer and release notes below!

Surviving the Aftermath Update 3: Expeditions

Vehicles will no doubt be a welcomed addition to the game. Found while out exploring, these allow the player to move groups of specialists around the world map. Considering the post-apocalyptic setting, these vehicles won’t be in good nick, so you will first need to bring them back to your base of operations to repair them.

With additional movement around the map comes the need to trade. This cornerstone of all civilization is making its way to Surviving the Aftermath. Players will be able to trade valuable resources and request assistance, provided their colony has the reputation. Set up trade routes, manage inventory, and decide whether or not the colonists on your doorstep deserve your camaraderie.

surviving the aftermath vehicles
Vehicles are a huge addition to Surviving the Aftermath, allowing players to transport numerous specialists around the world with greater ease.

Also included in Surviving the Aftermath’s Expeditions update is new buildings and Twitch integration. The update will be adding a Refinery and Garage. Refine fuel from sunflower oil and repair the aforementioned vehicles in your garage to aid in transportation. Through the Twitch integration, viewers can vote on the next catastrophe that befalls the colony or even the results of events.

Shacknews recently had the pleasure of speaking with the Iceflake Studios team at PDXCon 2019. We got to learn all about Surviving the Aftermath, how catastrophes work, what it means to build a colony, and what players can expect from future game updates.

Surviving the Aftermath has come a long way since its release into Early Access in October of 2019. The developers have continued to listen to community feedback, adding in highly-request features and mechanics. Be sure to check out Surviving the Aftermath on the Epic Games Store or Xbox Game Preview, where it can be picked up for the early bird price of $19.99. Take a look at the Shacknews Surviving the Aftermath page for more coverage of Iceflake Studios’ latest game!

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