Best TVs, monitors, and ultrawide displays revealed at CES 2020

Want to know about all the new TVs, monitors, and ultrawide displays announced at CES 2020? Here's what you'll need to know.


CES is always a great place to get a good look at all the new tech that companies have in the works. When it comes to TVs, monitors, and ultrawide displays, though, there’s no better place to get a look at the best and brightest. To help you cut through all the news we’ve put together this handy guide to all the monitor, TVs, and ultrawide displays that we saw revealed and announced at CES 2020.

Best TVs announced at CES 2020

When it comes to enjoying things like movies, television, or even video games in the living room, having a great TV display can make a world of difference. While you could settle for the cheapest piece of equipment that Walmart has to offer, companies like Samsung and LG are going the extra mile to ensure you don’t have to. We’ve broken down the best announcements and reveals below, as well as included any info on the TVs that we currently have available.

LG Signature OLED TV RX – 65” 4K HDR Smart TV

LG Signature OLED TV RX – 65” 4K HDR Smart TV

Originally revealed last year, the LG RX is unlike anything we’ve ever seen from a TV creator yet. Featuring a massive roll-out display, the LG RX is set to launch in 2020. There’s no definite price yet, though some have figured it could cost upwards of $60,000. That’s a lot for a television set but considering the size and overall idea behind the TV, it might be the perfect set piece for some tech lover with a ton of cash to burn later this year.

According to the LG website, the 65-inch RX includes:

  • Rollable OLED design
  • Self-lighting OLED for perfect blacks, intense colors, and infinite contract
  • a9 Gen 3 AI Processor 4K with AI Picture Pro and Sound Pro
  • Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos
  • webOS and ThinQ AI with a hands-free voice control system built in.
  • 4K display with HDR support

LG Signature ZX 88” or 77” 8K Smart OLED TV

LG Signature ZX 88” or 77” 8K Smart OLED TV

The next LG television that entertainment lovers will want to look out for is the ZX Series, which includes both an 88-inch and a 77-inch variant. There’s no official pricing on this massive 8K set just yet, but it does include some intriguing specifications.

According to LG, the ZX series includes:

  • Sculpture Design (88-inch)
  • Gallery Design (77-inch)
  • Self-light OLED display
  • a9 Gen 3 AI Processor 8K with AI Picture Pro and Sound Pro
  • Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos
  • webOS and ThinQ AI with hands-free voice controls

Samsung Q950TS – Bezel-free 8K TV

Samsung Q950TS – Bezel-free 8K TV

Perhaps one of the most exciting TVs announced during CES 2020 is Samsung’s Q950TS. While it doesn’t have a popping name like Samsung’s other announced TVs, the Q950TS offers a bezel-free Infinity Screen at 8K, which makes it one of the most vibrant and beautiful displays to be showcased at CES 2020. Samsung has also worked on improving the way that its televisions create 8K images, giving the Q950TS a more improved backend that actually learns to create better 8K images as you watch more content. HDR is also an option here, and the tech giant has taken a good approach to backlighting by creating a way for the TV to deliver higher brightness levels without having to sacrifice quality by introducing more blooming.

Samsung’s The Sero – Transforming TV

samsung sero

While LG has no doubt been making waves with its rollable TV design, Samsung is taking the future in a different direction. Enter The Sero, a transforming television set that allows users to literally turn their TV from landscape to portrait mode and then back again. It’s built to help users get the most out of their content—no matter what kind of platform it is designed for. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen The Sero (it’s already out in Korea), but this will be the first time that it makes its way over to the western hemisphere. There’s no mention just yet of how much The Sero will cost here in the west, but it’s a striking design choice, no doubt.

Samsung’s The Wall – Modular MicroLED displays

Many of us probably remember the initial reaction when Samsung announced The Wall, a massive modular collection of MicroLED displays that allowed users to literally create their own Infinity Screen by connection a series of displays together. It’s a really innovative idea, and once that Samsung launched last year. Now, though, Samsung is ready to introduce even more options, giving users five new sizes to choose from including 88, 93, 110, 150, and 292 inches. The Wall also now supports HDR10+, making it one of the most beautiful ways to display anything in your living room. Again, no pricing is available for the new modules, so we’ll update with more info as we get access to it.

Vizio OLED

Vizio OLED

Vizio is a name that has become tried and true in the television market for a good number of reasons. One place that the company has always lagged behind in, though, is OLED. At CES 2020, though, Vizio announced the Vizio OLED, a new vivid display available in both 65-inch and 55-inch sizes. There’s no exact pricing or even any real details on the specifications. What we do know is that the Vizio OLED will feature a variable refresh rate (VRR), FreeSync, a 4K display, and a smooth 120Hz top-end refresh rate. It’s sure to be a must-buy for any Vizio lovers out here.

Best monitors announced at CES 2020

If you’re looking to make the most of your gaming habits, then you can’t go wrong with a great monitor. We’ve already seen some classic winners from several manufacturers, but CES means it is time to take a look at the brightest up and coming monitors around. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the best monitors announced or showcased during CES 2020.

LG 27GN950-B 27-inch UltraGear 4K Nano

LG 27GN950-B 27-inch UltraGear 4K Nano

LG had a great series of announcements in the TV market at CES this year, and the company’s computer monitor offerings are just as great. Starting off the list is the LG27GN950-B 27-inch UltraGear 4K Nano, which features a stunning 144Hz 4K UDH NANO IPS display. The monitor also includes Nvidia G-SYNCH compatibility, as well as support for Radeon FreeSynch2. With a response time of 1ms, the LG 27GN950-B is an excellent contender for those looking to pick up a new monitor this year. No exact price details are available just yet, so we’ll update as we know more.

LG 32UN880-B 32” UltraFine Display Ergo

LG 32UN880-B 32” UltraFine Display Ergo

Following in the footsteps of the previous monitor on our list, the LG 32UN880-B is a massive 4K monitor with HDR10 support. The special thing about this monitor—and what really makes it stand out above the rest—is the monitor’s ergonomic stand, which allows you to extend and retract the monitor to make sure it’s in the optimal ergonomic position to help you get the most of your time at the PC. This IPS display is also absolutely massive, and will no doubt prove useful to anyone who decides to pick it up when it releases. We’ll have more info on the pricing soon.

Samsung G7 series

Samsung G7 series

When it comes to quality displays, not many manufacturers have managed to beat out Samsung. There’s just something about the crispness and clarity that make these displays hard to beat. So, it should come as no surprise that Samsung’s new G7 series is by far one of the most promising monitors seen at CES 2020. Featuring a beautiful 1000R curved screen with a 240Hz refresh rate, the G7 series comes in both a 27-inch and 32-inch variation. The monitors also feature Samsung’s iconic QLED technology, which should produce some excellent visuals.

MSI Creator PS321 Series

MSI Creator PS321 Series

If you’re looking for more of a gaming-centric monitor, though, MSI might be one of the better options available to you. Not only does the company have a great reputation in the PC gaming world, but the new Creator PS321 Series has a few promising monitors as well.

First up is the PS321UR, which features a beautiful 4K display perfect for those who need to create things like videos, artwork, and more. There’s plenty of screen real estate, which should make working with the monitor a cinch.

There’s also the PS321QR, which comes with a beautiful 1440P display with support up to 165Hz. According to MSI, it’s a great screen to experience the latest games on, and both the PS321QR and the PS321UR boast 100% sRGB, 99% Adobe RGB, and 95% DCI-P3 coverage, as well as HDR600 certifications. These monitors also come equipped with MSI’s Creator OSD, a suite of profiles and software options to help you maximize the visuals of your display.

ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz esports display

Perhaps one of the biggest head-turners at CES 2020 was NVIDIA and ASUS’s new 360Hz gaming monitor. Designed to work in tandem with G-SYNC, the new ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz display comes in a 24.5-inch package with a 1080P display. It’s still a beautiful display, and what it lacks in overall resolution it will more than make up for in the lowest system latency we’ve seen in a monitor to date. Other monitors showcased at CES 2020 featured similar refresh rates, but ASUS and NVIDIA definitely take home the fastest refresh rate we’ve seen thus far. Of course, there’s no telling how much this bad boy will cost when it does go on sale, so keep an eye here for updated info in the coming months.

Acer X32 Mini-LED G-SYNC Ultimate and ASUS PH32UQX

Acer X32 Mini-LED G-SYNC Ultimate and ASUS PH32UQX monitors

Originally announced during a slew of Nvidia announcements, the Acer X32 and ASUS PH32UQX have been consolidated to the same entry here for one big reason—they are part of Nvidia’s push towards Mini-LED gaming monitors. Both offer beautiful 4K HDR support on 32-inch displays and will launch with full G-SYNC support. If you’re looking for a best in class monitor that has Nvidia’s full support behind it, then both the Acer X32 and the ASUS PH32UQX should be on your list of monitors to keep an eye on.

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor

When it comes to big-name gaming gear, many recognize names like Alienware. While the gaming-centric company’s latest monitor isn’t necessarily anything to write home about when it comes to size—it’s only 25 inches—it makes up for that with a 240Hz refresh rate. Furthermore, this IPS display also includes a 1ms response time, and supports both G-SYNC and AMD Radeon FreeSync. You’ll also get a max resolution of 1080P here, which might be disappointing for those looking for a good 4K monitor. The Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor will go on sale on March 11, 2020, and will be priced at $499.99.

Best ultrawide displays announced at CES 2020

If you’re looking for a new ultrawide display to add to your setup, then CES has brought about a few great contenders to keep an eye on.

Samsung G9

Samsung G9 monitor

One of the most impressive monitors coming out of this year’s convention, the Samsung G9 sports a massive 49-inch 1000R curved display at 32:9. It also features a whopping 240Hz refresh rate on par with the G7 series, and includes the usual Samsung QLED technology we’ve come to expect in Samsung displays. This giant monitor is truly a monster among the offering of ultrawide monitors we’ve seen over the past few years, and one that users will want to keep a look out for as we dig for more info over the coming months.



Another of MSI’s surprise offerings is the Optix MEG381CQR. This massive 38-inch curved gaming monitor features a 21:9 aspect ratio with a crisp and beautiful 3840x1600 resolution. You’ll also find an integrated HMI (Human Machine Interface) situated below the main display, which can allow you to access information from your games quickly and easily. The wide viewing angles help make this a standout in the ultrawide offerings we’ll see coming out this year.

MSI Optix MAG342CQR 1000R

MSI Optix MAG342CQR 1000R monitor

Don’t let the name fool you. While the Optix MAG342CQR 1000R might be a mouthful to say, this beast of a monitor comes with tons of great features. The 21:9 ultratewide display features the latest 1000R curved display technology, a 144Hz refresh rate, and a 4ms response time. The MAG342CQR also offers a 125% sRGB color coverage and sports a 3440x1440 resolution. If you want a dedicated gaming monitor, then this beautiful monitor from MSI is a solid option for those ultrawide lovers out there.

LG 38WN95C-W

LG 38WN95C-W monitor

If you’re more of a fan of LG’s displays, then the next item on our list is something you’ll want to keep an eye on. The LG 38WN95C-W is a massive 38-inch ultrawide display featuring a 144Hz refresh rate and a response time of 1ms. The monitor is also completely G-SYNC compatible and even offers Thunderbolt 3 support. Look for more info to drop about this one throughout the coming months.

As you can see, CES 2020 was fantastic for new monitors, TVs, and ultrawide displays. We’ll continue to update this list with any new pricing info that becomes available, as well as with any new monitors and TVs that are announced throughout the rest of the week.

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