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Doki Doki Literature Club could return with new DLC in 2020

The friendships never end it seems. Doki Doki Literature Club's creator has promised (threatened?) that new content is coming for the game.


Doki Doki Literature Club is the kind of game that stays with you once you know what it’s about. If by chance you were able to discover the secrets of this seemingly harmless visual novel, you know exactly what we’re talking about. There were quite a few definitive endings to the game, but if Director Dan Salvato has anything to say about it, the journey isn’t over. Dan has promised new content for Doki Doki Literature Club as one of his next projects, suggesting it could likely be coming in 2020.

Dan Salvato made his intentions for new projects clear in a new post on his personal Twitter on January 2, 2020. According to Salvato, with the new year, he’s going to be gearing up for work on at least two projects, the first of which is new content for Doki Doki Literature Club. Dan made clear that this is not a sequel to the game, likely meaning that it will DLC for the existing game, which would be interesting considering some of the twists and turns the game makes before it arrives at its conclusion. Whatever Team Salvato has up their sleeves, it’s probably going to be quite the experience.

Doki Doki Literature Club is easy to write off as a cheesy dating sim visual novel. If only things were so simple. The promise of DLC is as threatening as it is curious.
Doki Doki Literature Club is easy to write off as a cheesy dating sim visual novel. If only things were so simple. The promise of DLC is as unnerving as it is curious.

Just as interesting perhaps is the promise that Salvato has an entire new visual novel on his backburner that he’s going to be starting work on. If it’s anything like Doki Doki Literature Club played out, fans of the game will definitely want to keep an eye out (or stay as far away as possible depending on their experience with DDLC). Either way, with how much Salvato shook up players with his take on the usual dating sim visual novel narrative, he’s likely earned more than a little time from players looking to see the next big thing out of Team Salvato. It was enough to even catch some of our attention during the discussion of the 2017 Game Awards.

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