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MyArcade announces Street Fighter 2 Micro Player & Super Retro Champ

My Arcade has announced new retro gaming products at CES 2020, including a Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition Micro Player and Super Retro Champ SNES/Sega Genesis cartridge player.


My Arcade has made a name for themselves with retro gaming accessories and all sorts of portable versions of classic gaming via their various mini-arcades and cartridge players. In 2020, they’re keeping the retro love at CES rolling with two new products sure to catch the classic gaming enthusiast’s eye - a Street Fighter 2 addition to the Micro Player lineup and the all-new Super Retro Champ portable console, capable of playing Sega Genesis, SNES, and Super Famicom cartridges.

My Arcade announced the Super Retro Champ and Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition Micro Player on January 6, 2020 at CES 2020. The Super Retro Champ follows hot on the heels of My Arcade’s success with the original Retro Champ, which played original NES and Famicom cartridges. The Super Retro Champ features a frontal four-button layout (plus start/select), shoulder buttons, a d-pad, 5-hour rechargeable battery, and 7-inch full-color screen and slots on the top and bottom to lock in Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, or Super Famicom cartridges. Just like the Retro Champ, you’ll be able to play the Super Retro Champ handheld or via two included wireless gamepads. An HDMI port also allows the Super Retro Champ to be linked up to a TV. You can check out our E3 Impressions of the original Retro Champ below.

Meanwhile, the Street Fighter 2 Micro Player is a 7-inch-tall replica of the classic 1992 Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition arcade cabinet done in a collaborative effort between My Arcade and Capcom. It features a slightly different design from other My Arcade Micro Players to make way for Street Fighter’s 6-button layout, as well as a 3.5-inch screen on which the game is fully playable. You can also connect two Street Fighter 2 Micro Players to go head to head in some matches with the help of the My Arcade Multi Cable.

We’ve enjoyed quite a bit of our time with My Arcade products, having spent time with the Retro Champ when it was making rounds at E3 2019. Even back then, it looked and played great with very little notable difference from a regular NES player. An advanced model for SNES and Famicom games seemed inevitable, but the fact that the Super Retro Champ can also play Sega Genesis games is a great bonus. Street Fighter is

There are no set dates for either the Super Retro Champ or the Street Fighter 2 Micro Player, but both are expected sometime in 2020. The Super Retro Champ will retail for $110 while the Street Fighter Micro Player will run around $50. We’ll have more news and details on these products as it becomes available. In the meantime, be sure to check out our other CES 2020 coverage for the latest technology announcements and news from the event.

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