NVIDIA G-SYNC 360Hz esports displays announced at CES 2020

In their opening salvo for CES 2020, NVIDIA announced a new line of displays with a breakthrough 360Hz refresh rate, built with esports gaming in mind.


CES 2020 has kicked off and a fresh week of some of the most interesting reveals in new technology are upon us. NVIDIA is always pushing the limit for what graphical technology can do, but during CES, they’re bringing out the big guns, and it started with the reveal of a new line of G-SYNC 360Hz displays with Asus, build with the esports enthusiast in mind.

NVIDIA announced their new G-SYNC esports displays with Asus on January 5, 2020 during CES 2020, the main new entry of which is the ASUS ROG Swift 360. The main highlight of the Swift 360 24.5 inch monitor is the groundbreaking 360Hz refresh rate, going far and above the usual 240Hz. The new display is supposed to be capable of showing game frames once every 2.8 milliseconds, which would be exponentially faster than current traditional TVs and monitors. You can check out a video below going into further detail on ASUS ROG Swift 360 below.

The ASUS ROG Swift 360 is meant to deliver that high-level refresh in an incredibly smooth way. NVIDIA claims their G-SYNC technology will deliver the spotlight 360Hz refresh rate with perfect clarity - No tearing, stuttering, flickering, or artifacts on the part of the monitor. Indeed, in an environment of esports where every click counts and reaction is paramount to success, the Swift 360 sounds like it could be an important game changer. The video above shows a lot of first-person shooter applications for the new tech, but League of Legends, Rocket League, and other reflex-driven competitive titles would also likely benefit from the extra smoothness in perception and reaction.

It was at CES 2019 that NVIDIA showed off a new line-up of gaming laptops with ASUS, MSI, and Acer. With this new display technology, it looks like NVIDIA is slated to change up the game a bit further throughout 2020.

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