Earth Obelisk glitch fix - Destiny 2

Learn some helpful ways to fix the dreaded Earth Obelisk glitch that has been plaguing Guardians in Destiny 2: Season of Dawn.


Since the arrival of Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn DLC, Guardians found themselves tasked with activating various Obelisks situated around the different planets in the Director. Unfortunately, many of these Guardians have also discovered that the Earth Obelisk is glitched and doesn’t allow people to activate it or even interact with it. If you’re one of these unlucky Guardians, then we’ve put together a handful of popular glitch fixes that should help you resolve the issue and get the Earth Obelisk up and running again.

Earth Obelisk glitch fix - Destiny 2

If you’re one of the many who have encountered the Earth Obelisk glitch, then you’ve probably already spent a good deal of time bashing your head against the various rocks in the EDZ trying to solve the problem. Fortunately, there are a couple of possible solutions that have worked for many, and we’ve compiled a list below to help you iron out the kinks and find the solution that works best for you.

Destiny 2 Earth Obelisk fix
The Obelisk on Earth can be found in The Gulch.

Before we get started, let’s talk about the glitch. Many users have reported an issue being able to interact with or even activate the Earth Obelisk that Osiris sends you to repair. This has led to some frustration within the Destiny 2 community, and so far we haven’t seen any kind of official fix for it out of Bungie (though they have commented on the issue and even discussed a workaround that should work for most). Basically, something bugs out with the Obelisk, and you aren’t able to interact with it in any way whatsoever, locking you out of vital quest steps included in Season of Dawn.

Now, if you have found yourself plagued with this issue, then you can try a few easy things to get things back up and running. Here are a few possible solutions

  • Firstly, some players have reported success in killing your Guardian and respawning.
  • Others have reported success in unlinking all of the current Obelisks and then reloading into the EDZ instance where the Earth Obelisk is located.
  • A third optional solution that users can try is to simply load into the Gulch over and over again until the item allows you to interact with it.
  • Bungie reported that users should try fast traveling to one of the zones located near the Gulch instead of directly to the Gulch. Then you can travel by Sparrow over to the Gulch, forcing it to load you into a new instance.
  • Finally, if all else fails, you can try heading back to orbit and then loading back in.

Unfortunately, aside from these options, there aren’t any other solutions available right now. You’ll just need to be patient and keep trying the ways we’ve listed above if you’re unable to interact with the Obelisk at all. Now that you know how to fix the Earth Obelisk glitch, you can head back over to our Destiny 2 guide for even more in-depth content and help.

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    January 2, 2020 12:30 PM

    Josh Hawkins posted a new article, Earth Obelisk glitch fix - Destiny 2

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      January 2, 2020 2:27 PM

      Unbefuckinglievable. I thought this story was going to be about the fact that 3 weeks later, it's finally been fixed, but nope! Just workarounds. THanks for the heads-up; I figured this out through mind numbing trial and error already and it's a sad state of affairs that this needs to be written up.

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      January 2, 2020 4:04 PM

      This is seriously a bad oversight by Bungie. Yes, it is holiday times, they are likely only getting the full staff back up to speed, but this was known like in the 2nd week - mid-Dec - when the EDZ and Nessus Obelisks appeared. This should be high priority since the methods to "fix" it on the player side are slow.

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        January 3, 2020 4:33 AM

        It's not serious, it's a bug in a video game for which there's a workaround. It went live on the 17th and a week later the tower obelisk unlocked meaning you only needed to hit the EDZ obelisk to level it. Anyone that thinks this was worthy of issuing a patch during the holiday break is an asshole.

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