PUBG Motor Glider introduces first flying vehicle to the game

PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds is taking to the skies on the test servers with the introduction of the game's first flying vehicle.


PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds has allowed players to battle it out across vast and varied terrain on the land and sea, but now PUBG is looking to take over the skies as well. Recently, the PUBG Corporation revealed a new vehicle that would allow players to take to the fight into the air for the first time. Get ready for the Motor Glider in PUBG test servers.

PUBG announced the Motor Glider on December 19, 2019, as well as mentioning it would be gliding its way into PUBG Labs on the same day from December 19 to December 22. A two-seater vehicle, the Motor Glider will allow players to take off into the skies at a maximum speed of 70km/h. One player will be driving while the other player can take shots or lob explosives down on ground targets. The vehicle is unique in that only the engine can be destroyed. The wings are difficult to target and the wheels are fine, so even if the craft is disabled, you can still glide back down to the firmament to try to make a getaway.

If this is anything to go off of, the skies are about to become a much more aggressive place in PUBG Labs with the Motor Glider.
If this is anything to go off of, the skies are about to become a much more aggressive place in PUBG Labs with the Motor Glider.

The Motor Glider represents an interesting new direction for PUBG gameplay as its first air vehicle. Adding such an interesting new verticality to the game will probably make for some issues, but also some unique engagements too. We find ourselves wondering if you eject from the craft and parachute down on top of an unsuspecting enemy for a surprise paradropping engagement. We also wonder at the possibility of Motor Glider dogfights. Hopefully, PUBG and the players find the Motor Glider to be a worthwhile endeavor so we can see more options like it.

With Spike Traps making for a good counter to ground vehicles recently, we also find ourselves wondering if there might be some surface-to-air counter options in PUBG’s future if the Motor Glider catches on. Between that and PUBG's new game Prologue coming sometime in 2020 video game releases, it's looking to be a fun new year for PUBG.

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