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Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure lets you get closer to your monsters

Buddy up with your favorite Pokemon companions in Pokemon Go's latest update so that both of you can grow stronger.


Pokemon Go fans have plenty to look forward to, with the game's latest and greatest update so far.

Pokemon Go's new Buddy Adventure is a new addition to the game that lets you work alongside your favorite Pokemon to level up your friendship and unlock a series of perks as a result, up to and including a boost in CP to make your Pokemon a lean, mean, annihilating machine.

What does this entail, exactly? You'll see your chosen Buddy Pokemon hanging out beside your avatar on the Pokemon Go map. You'll see it flying, walking, rolling, hopping, or what-have-you along as you walk around, and it will occasionally show you interesting items nearby as well as bring them over to you, much like a virtual canine companion.

The more affection you earn, the higher your Buddy Level will raise, from Good Buddy to Best Buddy. You can raise it by feeding and petting your Pokemon, walking around with them, and interacting with them. You'll net additional perks as well as your Pokemon earning a Best Buddy Ribbon and CP boost, and plenty of other fun interactive ways to befriend your monster pals.

There isn't a release date just yet for when you can expect the Buddy Adventure update, but Niantic states that it will launch by 2020. That isn't very far away, so hopefully it ends up happening.

In the meantime, are you still cruising along in Pokemon Go and earning new items, conquering gyms, and catching Pokemon? Looks like the game is still going strong, even this long after launch. 

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