How to make stronger Moonshine in Red Dead Online

Everything you need to know to upgrade your still and make stronger moonshine in Red Dead Online.


The Moonshiners update is here, and that means players can finally start building up their own illegal alcohol business in Red Dead Online. Starting out, you’ll only be able to make Weak Moonshine, which doesn’t sell for all the much. In this guide we’ll teach you how to make stronger Moonshine, which will allow you to attract more patrons to your bar, as well as earn more money off your product.

How to make stronger Moonshine in Red Dead Online

Moonshining is the newest Frontier Pursuit available in Red Dead Online, and those looking to make the most of their Mash will want to learn the ins and outs pretty quickly. Starting out, you’ll only be able to make a cheaper and weaker type of Moonshine, which can only sale for under $100 a shipment, depending on which flavor you choose to craft.

If you want to increase the strength of your Moonshine, you’re going to need to purchase various ugprades from the Moonshiner Store. This store can be access by talking to Maggie from inside your Moonshine Shack. To find the equipment, head to the Upgrades area of the store.

Condenser Upgrade - Red Dead Online Moonshiners job

There are two possible upgrades available. The first is the Condense Upgrade. This requires Moonshiner Rank 5, and will cost a total of $825 plus 2 Tokens. When purchased and installed, this upgrade will allow you to produce Average Moonshine, which will sell for higher than Weak Moonshine.

Copper upgrade - Red Dead Online Moonshiners job

If you want to make the best Moonshine in the business, though, you’re going to need to purchase the Polished Copper Upgrade. Available after Moonshiner Rank 10, this upgrade costs $875 and 3 Tokens. Once installed it will allow Marcel to produce Strong Moonshine, the best currently available in the job. You can, of course, also increase the price that Moonshine sells for by adding additional flavors to it.

Now that you know how to make stronger Moonshine, make sure you head back over to our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide for more in-depth content. Make sure you also know how to claim your Outlaw Pass rewards once you get the pass, as you won’t want to miss out on any of the goodies you unlock along the way.

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