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Sons of the Forest revealed at The Game Awards 2019

If you enjoyed The Forest from Endnight Games, Sons of the Forest is probably going to be your thing.


Taking home the unofficial award for creepiest reveal at The Game Awards 2019, in my opinion, was Sons of the Forest. The new game from Endnight Games will give you serious vibes from The Forest, which probably won't come as a suprise. Check out the trailer below.

It’s tough to get a good read on Sons of the Forest from the nearly two-minute trailer. Things start off in a helicopter crash, which helicopters tend to do in the opening minutes of games. Once on the ground we get a look at some soldier types walking through a forest, and then a cave full mutants. If this is sounding familiar, it’s because the Forest, also by Endnight Games, started with a plane crash and then had players facing off with cannibalistic mutants. Hey, you stick with what works.

What we didn’t get from the Sons of the Forest reveal was information. There was no release window for the game. Endnight Games has yet to update their website to include Sons of the Forest. Even their YouTube channel was lacking the trailer at the time of this posting. Given that The Forest was in early access for so long, it could be some time before we see Sons of the Forest again. Perhaps we’ll see it in early access soon, but we don’t know that.

When Sons of the Forest does get a release date, we’ll be on top of it. For now, visit the video game release dates 2020 calendar we have going. It’s updated frequently to keep you informed on what’s coming out soon.

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