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Sennheiser to introduce Season of Giving charity program benefiting gaming communities

The headphone specialist is getting into the holiday spirit by partnering with multiple gaming-centric charities to make Christmas a bit more special for gamers in need.


You could ask just about any gamer about the equipment needed to make video games a more enjoyable experience and they will tell you that having a great headset or set of headphones is second to none. The folks over at Sennheiser will be partnering with multiple gaming-centric charities this holiday season to donate 1500 of their GSP 305 gaming headsets to those in need as a part of their Season of Giving program.

The seven charities that have partnered with Sennheiser each represent separate countries, with Child’s Play representing the United States. The full roster of charities involved is as follows:

Child’s Play – U.S.

Female Legends and Pink Orange – Sweden

Gamer Aid – Australia

Gaming Aid – Germany

Special Effect – UK

Your Corps – New Zealand

Andreas Jessen, Senior Director of Product Management & Marketing at Sennheiser, commented: “The holiday season is the time of year to spend quality time with family and friends. It reminds us of the importance of getting involved with and giving back to our communities. Gaming, and the amazing community surrounding it, has been a huge positive force and massive source of happiness for many. This holiday season, we’ve chosen to support a number of gaming-related charities that bring joy into people’s lives and help to make this season even more magical for them.”

The official website for Sennheiser’s Season of Giving program offers more details. Those looking to help further can shop for items via Amazon’s dedicated Child’s Play primary wishlist.

Our own Bill Lavoy recently reviewed the Sennheiser GSP 370 Wireless Headset, describing it as “a big winner.” Sennheiser headphones also make multiple appearances in our extensive guide to the best headphones you can get for music and gaming.

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